Google Account Recovery Frustration

I cannot begin to express how frustrated I am with googles crappy way of handling account recovery.

I understand privacy and security issues.. But I have not been able to access my account for years.. The very first gmail account I created had a cool name.. Since then I created other accounts with personalized sub domains and stuff, and forgot about that account.

But now that I want to get it back, it’s like it is lost in the deep dark void of cyberspace because google will not allow me access to it anymore 🙁

I have tried everything I can, from calling the different google numbers to posting on google group/support forums to googling for hours trying to figure out what I can do..

All to no avail… I do not want to give up.. There must be some way I can get it back..

I know I am rambling on and must sound like a crazy person.. But I felt I had to let it out to cyberspace… Who knows, maybe the cyberspace will respond kindly to it once I put it out? That would be nice 🙂

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