All Things Open 2016

So I had the privilege of going to All Things Open this year. It was awesome. It was local, here in Raleigh. So I didn’t have to pay for flights/hotels etc. They had world class speakers from companies ranging from Microsoft to PayPal to RedHat, Facebook and GitHub. ProcessMaker was also present. We sponsored the event … Read more

Google Account Recovery Frustration

I cannot begin to express how frustrated I am with googles crappy way of handling account recovery. I understand privacy and security issues.. But I have not been able to access my account for years.. The very first gmail account I created had a cool name.. Since then I created other accounts with personalized … Read more

What Is ProcessMaker?

It’s a Robot Sound funny? Well ok, maybe it’s not a robot exactly. So, what exactly is ProcessMaker? ProcessMaker has done for the world of BPM and Workflow what robotics and advanced machinery has for the industrial world. Now, I know that that is a bold statement, but I believe it to be true. ProcessMaker has, and continues to … Read more