What Is ProcessMaker?

It’s a Robot

Sound funny? Well ok, maybe it’s not a robot exactly. So, what exactly is ProcessMaker? ProcessMaker has done for the world of BPM and Workflow what robotics and advanced machinery has for the industrial world. Now, I know that that is a bold statement, but I believe it to be true. ProcessMaker has, and continues to revolutionize the way we manage business processes in the enterprise.


ProcessMaker is an open-sourced web-based application written on top of the LAMP stack (there is also a version for Windows). ProcessMaker comes in two editions, the enterprise version which is available both as a cloud offering or as an on-premise solution. Some of the key advantages with the enterprise edition are:

Workflow With ProcessMaker

Creating a workflow with ProcessMaker could not be easier. It’s as easy as dragging a process element, for example, a task to fill out a form and dropping it on the canvas.

In fact, you can even create full-fledged workflows without even knowing how to program. It’s so easy to build forms, and even have them render picture perfect on a mobile device because ProcessMaker uses bleeding edge technology, like Responsive Web Design in order to ensure that the User Experience remains consistent across all platforms.
Yes, I am serious! It’s that easy. However, when you are in a large company, workflows are never simple. There is always custom logic that has to be implemented. When workflows do get to that level, you will most likely need a ProcessMaker Expert. Generally, the best place to go is ProcessMaker. You can contact a sales rep by sending an email to sales@processmaker.com or if you leave a comment below with contact information, I can have a sales rep reach out to you directly!
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