What Can You Do With ProcessMaker?

John is a sales rep at a large company with hundreds of other sales reps. John dropped his mouse on the floor and mistakenly stepped on it and crushed it. So he needs a new one. Normally, John would have to send an email to IT requesting a new mouse. Depending on company policy, John may need to pay for the new mouse since it was his negligence that lead to breaking the old mouse and needing the new one. He will then probably have to go in person to IT and find out what is happening, did they receive his email? Then John may be told that he may need to pay for his new mouse. John may need to wait for IT to get approval to purchase the mouse and finally for them to go out and buy the mouse and give it to poor John. This whole process can sometimes take a week or longer in large companies. If John’s company used ProcessMaker however, the entire process could be accomplished in a day, or less. Instead of the above process, John could log into ProcessMaker and create a new request for IT Support. In the form that opens, his details would be automatically be pre-populated from the ERP system. He would only need to enter the following:

  • That he needs a new mouse;
  • And a short description as to what happened to the old mouse

The system would then check based on custom business logic whether the company policy will require John to pay for it (Hint: ProcessMaker has created an enterprise plug-in for business rules). If he does need to pay towards the new mouse, ProcessMaker could even automate Johns next paycheck to be deducted for the mouse. Then, IT will receive an email telling them that they have a new request waiting for them to review. That way, John doesn’t need to run to IT and pester them, they already know about his request. An email could also go out to the Finance Dept so that time is not wasted in getting the funds for the purchase approved.

The Best Part

All this and much more can be accomplished with ProcessMaker. This is only touching the surface of what ProcessMaker can do. And the best part? Do you know how long it would take a real ProcessMaker Expert to create this process and implement it from scratch? 1 day. Depending on the custom business logic, integration with existing systems and automating payment, it could take longer.


ProcessMaker is hands down the best BPM solution out there. I have tried several. I have looked at Bonita, ProcessMate and PerfectForms. They just pale in comparison to ProcessMaker. The best bang for your buck is ProcessMaker. If you need help implementing ProcessMaker in your business, you can reach out to me or ProcessMaker, or just leave a comment and I can have a sales rep reach out directly to you!

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